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About Us

Our Founder's Story

Localscope was founded by Ioannis Stavropoulos, a multi-year-experienced software engineer from Athens, Greece. Ioannis started Localscope officially in 2020, as the next step of his career as a freelancer, with the goal to do what he loves and help entrepreneurs & businesses, design & build their ideas - MVPs.

Having multiple years of experience and collaborated in huge projects , initially as a team member and later as a tech lead, Ioannis realised that he could offer all that experience and skill to people that need these the most, and to build high-quality software with high-end technologies.

So what is Localscope? Localscope is a custom software development agency. We are developers and software engineers, that are able to develop the most complex features based on your exact specs and requirements. Everything we build is custom made. We have learnt to adopt new technologies, programming languages and tools, so we always use the most advanced tech stack. This is why we can offer great quality on every project.

As a 100% software development team, we build software for 6 & 7-figure businesses in Greece and abroad as their outsource software dev partners, and for smaller companies and startups as their MVP development team.

Localscope will be your partner and ally, achieving the results you expect for. We are deep thinkers, problem solvers & quick learners. This is what you need and this is what we offer to you! A complete experience of consulting and development process, while you create your startup, the tool your business always needed or the next viral app.

Localscope is a high quality, custom software development team. And we want to evolve with great partners and building high quality products.

If you are interested to know us better or you are looking for custom software development, we will be happy to talk with you!

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