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Our services

In Localscope.dev we provide high-end, software development & digital marketing services for our customers. With great experience and talent, we are here as your digital partner.

Create custom and secure web applications, developed exactly for your business needs.

Develop beautiful and fast mobile applications, for iOS & Android.

Build secure and high performance backend systems for your mobile or single page application.

Build complete and highly designed e-commerce platforms, for your online store or marketplace.

Promote your company with the help of our digital marketing experts, using analysed data of your company's market.

Let our expert social media marketers & managers, to promote your company social media accounts for huge impact on promotion.

Cloud & shared hosting for your project, with complete support and management.

Get advice and consulting for your project, from our expert software engineers, business analysts & marketers.

Forget about your project management with our help, and focus in your actual business needs.

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