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Interested to see more about how we write code? Checkout our  API example in Github!

Ecommerce Development

Ecommerce development for high demanding performance and customisation, using either our custom e-commerce platform or a CMS, depending on your needs and budget. Despite our short lifespan, we want to offer services like long-lived, enterprise businesses! Offering 1000% quality, is the one-way journey for our growth! You have to try us!


Fully Customisable

Our platform is developed completely for ecommerce sites! Because of that the customisation process is straight-forward. We do not have to mess with CMS and plugins for the deliverable-feature! We just need programming skills! And we have many!

Updates in No-Time

Having in armory, Localscope's infrastructure & ecosystem, we have the ability to make updates whenever we want, almost in no time. Having also years of experience in custom software devlopment, we use the most modern tools and best practices of versioning systems, like Git. And now we brought these tools for ecommerce development too!

Abilities & Features

ERP Integration

Easy connection with ERP software so you make changes and updates in one place.

Worldwide Payment Gateways

Get paid via worldwide payment gateways like Paypal & Stripe and offer a better customer experience.

Social Media Login

Let your customers login to your online store using their favourite social media account.

Custom Automation

Want to automate a flow of your business? No problem, we got you covered.

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Some Of Our Projects

Artenate.com E-commerce
Galaxycarpets.gr E-commerce

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