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Interested to see more about how we write code? Checkout our  API example in Github!

Software Development

In Localscope.dev we develop scalable & high-quality web-cloud applications, mobile applications, e-commerce sites and more. With great experience in custom projects, we can undertake from simple web apps to complete SaaS platforms! And we are proud!

Web-Cloud Applications

Web-Cloud applications developed exactly for your business needs and specifications

Mobile Applications

Mobile applications with high performance, best practices and perfect UI/UX design

E-Commerce Sites

Online stores that can definitely convert & boost your sales. And with high performance on even 1.000.000 products!

What We Always Include

On every project, we always include standard services. There is no way that we will not deliver the expected! We are a company that is client-focused! And these services are inlcuded always, no matter what!

Performance Optimisations

Accessibility Standards

Best Practices

High Quality Code




Fully Responsive Designs

Browser Compatibility

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Our Development Flow

In software, all development steps are crucial for the best outcome. Here at Localscope.dev we design everything from the beggining. As a famous quote reads: "If you think good architecture is expensive, try bad architecture".

  • Analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Our Major Tools

We only use the most high-end & modern technologies! And we are always ready to adopt new!

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React Native

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In Localscope we always want to deliver! Period! Forget about missing deadlines or expanding budgets to achieve deliverables. In many other agencies the No1 goal they have is just making money.. Here the main goal is to deliver! On schedule & budget! Our main growth policy is to offer high-quality service and be precise. Mouth-to-mouth marketing is one of the best options for us. This is how we want to grow. You can try us!

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