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Invoice Generator

Use our free invoice generator to create invoices for your clients. Simply add all the info, click 'Create' and print/download the invoice to use it however you want.

This tool saves automatically the data you insert locally in your browser. Each time you visit this page, if there is already information stored, all that info will be populated in this form. If you want to create a new one, you can just click the "Reset Invoice Info" button and all the info will be erased, so you can insert new.

Each time an invoice is generated, a unique hash ID is assigned to it, so you can use it to reference it later in our system, using the search input in the bottom of this page. Make sure to copy the ID and save it locally to your PC or mobile phone.

Remember that everyone with access to that ID can view the invoice.

If you need more features like tracking invoices, expences & contacts, send invoices automatically via email, keep all records in the system without download and more, you can register and use for FREE our Kale App here.

Create Invoice

Insert the complete info of your business details. ie. 'Name', 'Address', 'VAT number' etc. You can use line breaks

Insert the complete info of the billing contact, ie. 'Name', 'Address', 'VAT number' etc.


Sub-total: 'Total'

Discount (-0%):


TAX -(0%):

Amount Billable :

Total: 0

Search for an invoice by ID
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