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UTM Builder - By Localscope

This tool can help you create easily campaign URLs, so you can collect and track data in Google Analytics. Read Google's article here

Enter the URL of your website and the campaign information.

The full website URL (e.g. https://www.localscope.dev)
The campaign id.
The referrer (e.g. google, facebook, newsletter)
Marketing medium (e.g. email, banner, cpc)
Promo code, slogan or product (e.g summer_sale)
The paid keywords.
The content of the ad

Generated URL

What is exactly a UTM?

"Urchin Tracking Module" or UTM, is a way for marketers to track the traffic and the effectivness of online marketing campaigns. Using URL parameters we can add info like the 'source' and the 'medium' of the campaigns, and then later collect and analyze the data in analytics software like Google Analytics.

The 'query string' of the URL starts with a question mark ?. Then every parameter has it's name and value (e.g utm_source=google). For each new parameter we just add the ampersand & in the beggining.

An example is: https://localscope.dev?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=paid-ad

Here you can find more details and examples about the URL parameters.

Parameter Required Example Description
Campaign Id utm_id No 519312 Use utm_id to identify the referenced ad campaign.
Campaign Source utm_source Yes google Use utm_source to identify the search engine, newsletter campaign name, or other source.
Campaign Medium utm_medium Yes banner Use utm_medium to identify a medium such as cost-per-click, banner or email.
Campaign Name utm_campaign No summer_sale Use utm_campaign to identify a strategic campaign or a specific product promotion.
Campaign Term utm_term No t-shirts Use utm_term to note the keyword(s) that activated the ad.
Campaign Content utm_content No blue-banner Use utm_content to track A/B tests.

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